I Need a Sponsor

There’s never a billionaire with a love of Tudor history will to give an author $10 million dollars around when you need him/her. Also, I am having trouble locating 10 million people willing to send me one dollar each. Or even the more modest 5 million people willing to send me two bucks.

This makes me sad.

You see, I want to live in a home once owned by Henry VIII. Is that so much to ask? There is one on the market right now for a mere 4.95 Million pounds. It’s a modest little dwelling, as you can see:

tudor estate

Why do I need almost twice as much money as it costs, you ask? Because the taxes will not be a pittance and I’ll need escrow to keep it going. I think things out, you know. I don’t live in some pie-in-the-sky fantasy world.

Now, I wonder who would give me $10 million?

Part of the reason I want the “house” is that all the really cool Tudor stuff is in England and thus I need to live there so I can go see it. For example, I would visit The Mary Rose Museum – probably daily. The Mary Rose was built during the reign of Henry VIII and was sunk in a freak accident that turned it into a time capsule. They have the ship itself (what’s left of it) right smack dab there in the museum, which makes my geeky toes curl up:


Also, if I lived in England, I would be able to pop into Buckingham Palace (Oh! Maybe the Queen will give me the money for the little cottage I want to buy! After all, according the press I have already asked her if I can dig up Henry VIII, so we are clearly on close terms.) and see the display “In Fine Style: The Art Of Tudor And Stuart Fashion”. It only runs from May 10 – October 6 of this year, so if my BBF Elizabeth is going to send me the cash she needs to do it soon.

I’ll drop her a note, to let her know. 

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