Almost there …

One of the many, MANY quirks of my personality is that when I am very close to finishing a project I become frantic to complete it. During the last 5% or so of the task I am obsessed with getting it all done. It doesn’t matter if I am painting a room, cross-stitching a sampler, or writing a book – when the end is nigh I yearn for it.

Yes, I’m weird.

I am on the last part of the last chapter of my newest book. Granted, it’s the rough draft but I am nonetheless filled with glee and satisfaction about its near completion. I am, as always, fixated upon it. That’s why I have not made my usual round of appearances on social media. It’s why this blog post is weak-sauce.

I will, with any luck, be kicking it back into normal gear on Monday. I am SO CLOSE to being done with The Jezebel Effect.  I just need a good way to sum it all up in a pithy comment or two. If my blog is crap again on Monday, you’ll know the pith continues to elude me.

Wish me luck while I chase the pith!

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