Happy Fall Equinox!

Today is the first day of autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere), and it feels like it here in Bloomington, Indiana. The trees have about 1%-5% of their leaves with at least a tinge of color, and it’s sunny but cool. It’s one of those days that feels so perfect (to me) that it could have been arranged by Hollywood to star as “Perfect Fall Day”. Mother nature: the ultimate casting director?

All that is left to do is watch for classic signs of a hard winter. I was always taught that woolybear caterpillars were the best “weathermen” for that; if the orange ring in the middle is narrow, then winter will be harsh. You can also look for “spoons” in persimmon fruit.  My Appalachian grandmother also told us that the first frost would come six weeks after you heard the first of the fall crickets. Provided I didn’t just notice the fall crickets (always possible) and they have been chirping for weeks, first frost should hit around the week of Halloween.

Now, pardon me while I go stalk woolybear caterpillars.

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