Visiting Dublin

I have noticed that other historical bloggers, especially those who live in the European Union, frequently post pictures of castles and historical landmarks they have seen. This is harder to do for me, inasmuch as I have rarely left the country. Worse, when I do go visit somewhere interesting, my photographic records are more piquant than picturesque.

For example, when I and my husband visited Dublin, Ireland.

I have the good sense to take a few lovely pictures worthy of notice, such as this one in St. Stephen’s Green: 

stephen's green umbrella

We were there in the fall and it was (of course) lightly raining and gorgeous beyond the telling.

However, I find myself taking pictures of things that amuse and entertain me more than I take pictures of things that enthrall me. For one thing, the pictures on the postcards are usually better than anything I can come up with.

That’s why I had to take a picture of this shirt with the sum of all things Irish upon it:

feck it

Alas and woe, the store was closed so I couldn’t buy it. Nevertheless, I have made an internal promise to myself that I shall one day possess this shirt. It shall be mine!

I also took pictures of  Irish signs, which are NOT done with subtlety. Unlike American signs, which prefer to hint at dog poop, Irish signs will make sure you cannot mistake their point:

graphic dog shit sign

It’s the graphic drop of steaming poo coming out of the dog’s bottom that really drives the point home, no?

We also saw more traditional things like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where a helpful man took a picture of the jet-lagged author and her equally jet-lagged husband:

Ireland 18e

Odd, I don’t remember being so broad or having that many chins when I got on the plane to Ireland. Let’s all pretend my face is swollen from the flight. Also, let’s pretend my cloak is billowing out from the autumn breeze, rather from the size of my backside.

In spite of my propensity for taking pictures of less-than-historically-relevant things, I do have a few cool photos that are scenic or historical or both. I thought that might be of interest. Then I realized I was basically that annoying person who shows you photos of their vacation.

I’ll at least TRY to make them interesting, okay?

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