On the Sixth Day of Christmas

How familiar are you all with the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas?

12 days of Christmas


Well, we are on the sixth day and I have no geese a-layin. I pointed this out to my husband, my Sweet Babou.  He told me point blank that geese were evil buggers that hissed and could break your wrist with their beak and I was doomed to go geeseless. I pointed out that geese made excellent “guard dogs” and if we raised them from goslings they would not whomp on us with their beaks.

Sweet Babou countered that with offer to get me backyard chickens one day. I asked him if  chickens are tiny little modern T-rex dinosaurs how is that better than geese?  In reply he sent me a video of a goose guarding the nest after a-layin’:


He’s got a point. I told him I would settle for the five golden rings. No word back on that yet.

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