Phyllis Schlafly Has the Answer to Campus Rapes

Phyllis Schlafly was the spearhead for killing the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 70s and remains a very outspoken anti-feminist still today. She has thoughtfully proffered her solution to stopping rapes at colleges and universities: women ought not be trying to get masculine educations. If women would stay home in their natural place and weren’t on campus to begin with then they wouldn’t get raped.

No, I am not joking.

Writing in World Net Daily, your home for all-caps ads about medical alert bracelets, Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum and author of Kissinger on the Couch—which is, tragically, not a searing work of erotica for seniors—says there are simply too many ladies in college, leading, inexorably, to all that rape.”

Moreover, if women would stop leaving the home and trying to act like men then — according to Phyllis Schlafly – the US problem of underemployment would also  go away because women would stop stealing men’s jobs.

Phyllis Schlafly herself has an undergraduate degree from Washing University in St. Louis, a master’s from Radcliff College, graduated from law school, and has enjoyed an active career as a political activist, speaker, and author. Clearly she sees no inherent contradiction with her life choices and the fact that she wants to prevent other women from achieving non-domestic success. She also does not see the irony in the fact that without the unceasing efforts of feminists (known as suffragettes at the time) she would not have been allowed to attend college or go to  law school but has still dedicated her life to fighting against feminism.

I honestly cannot tell if the contradiction between her actions and her seemingly sincere beliefs is a perfect model of attitude/behavior inconsistency or just outright hypocrisy.

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