Oh Where Could My Little Dog Be?

My little Chinese crested powder-puff dog is lost. The silly fluff-ball found a way out of the backyard last night and zipped away into the dark. I’ve called the animal shelters and animal control to report him as missing, looked on Craig’s list to see if anyone had found him, and posted it on Facebook to let people know to keep an eye out for him. He’s had all his shots and has a microchip and if someone finds him we’ll get him back fairly smoothly.

But …

What if no one has found him? He has the brains of a flee and the street smarts of phytoplankton; what if he’s been hit by a car? Or a coyote has eaten him? Or a squirrel has beaten him up? What if he is cold and scared? What if he got mauled by a bigger dog? Or even a mid-sized cat for that matter?

I am anxious about his safety. That prevents me from concentrating. Thus, my work is suffering because I cannot string two thoughts together.  Moreover, I am crabby as a mangrove tree because when I am anxious about something I quickly become fratchety and mean.


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