Now, I feel old

I had this conversation with my 10 year old daughter the other day.

Her: Mom, when will I be old enough to have a phone?

Me: When you are 30.

Her: Mooooooooommmmmm! Be serious!

Me: How old do you think you should be?

Her: *ponders* I think I should get a phone when I am 16.

Me: Sounds good kid.

Her: What kind of phone did you have when you were 16 mom?

Me: The kind that plugged into a wall-jack and had a long cord.

Her: No, I mean what kind of phone did you have. You know, to have on you. Like an Android or an iPhone or what?

Me: They didn’t have those kinds of phones when I was 16, sweetie. All phones were in buildings. No one had a phone they carried around.

Her: *ponders more* Mom, they did have electricity then, didn’t they?

Me: Silence, child, or I shall smite thee.

One thought on “Now, I feel old

  1. Ouch! One advantage to not having kids. I was able to fool myself for a long time. My sisters were kind enough to have their children later as well (36 and 39), so we all think we are younger than we really are. Hang in there 🙂

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