Happy Anniversary to Sweet Babou!

Tomorrow will be my 14th anniversary. Our wedding had moments of moving ritual and sacred promise:


Our wedding also had the moments of massive crazysauce, like when the belly dancers gave us a sheep wearing a garter belt:

Wedding - Sheep

My wedding, with all it’s solemn glory and silliness, accurately predicted the marriage. We are deeply committed to one another … and to being weird together and laughing as much as possible. It’s working a treat!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Sweet Babou!

  1. Lol, I remember the sheep! Casey’s reaction was pitch perfect too! I also remember how nervous the sheep made the staff at the reception venue…

    Staff: “You aren’t bringing that inside, are you?”
    Dancers:… um, no of course not! ^_^;

    Congrats to you on your many years of wedded bliss and hoping for many many more in the future. 😀

    1. Thank you! That sheep was one of the most memorable events of any wedding, EVER … we loved it!

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