All the Cute on All Hallow’s Eve

My daughters were, as always, super cute this year for Halloween. I am, however, reluctant to reveal their costumed glory on my public blog. Thus, I will have to make do with pictures of my dressed-up doggies.


Halloween Dogs

The little fella in the black/orange stripes is our Peke-mix Marquis, and the little bugger would NOT leave on his devil costume. That’s why he’s just got a shirt. The black & white guy is our Chinese Crested Powder-Puff and he is rocking a dino suit. The little ginger witch is our newest fur-baby, Foxy. She is speculatively a long-haired chihuahua and terrier mix. Check her out with the hat on:

Foxy witch halloween 2015

Marquis and Jack stayed home with me to pass out candy, but Foxy hit the road to guard the girls during trick-or-treating:

foxy ready to trick or treat 2015

A good time was had by all. My daughters got pumpkin-pails full of sweets so they were very happy, and Foxy got lots of people petting her so she was very happy.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

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