Wee Foxy Has a Boo-Boo

My little dog Foxy is very sweet. When we first got her, she wasn’t very cute. Life on the mean streets had left her patchy and emaciated. She looked better after a few weeks of food and love, but still … a pretty scruffy little nerf=herder.



She looks much better now.

2016-04-09 14.04.37

This morning she leaped off the couch (like she normally does) and when she landed she gave out the most ear-piercing shriek of agony that has ever been heard by humans. She continued to cry, and couldn’t put any weight at all on her back leg. WTF had happened?

We rushed her to the vet. She was in such distress the vet thought she probably fractured her leg in several places, or maybe dislocated a hip. She want to sedate our small dog for X-rays because Foxy was so clearly in terrible pain. Weeping, I relinquished my fuzzy-baby to the vet and was promised a phone call when they knew more.

Two hours later, they knew more … but not WTF was hurting her. The X-rays were clean as a whistle. The vet can only speculate that Foxy either slipped and disk or pinched a nerve or has some sort of soft tissue damage (like a sprain) which won’t show up on X-rays. And thus Foxy was given back to us along with anti-inflammatory drugs, pain meds, and a big ol’ bill for being tranqued and X-rayed.

I’ve been told not to let her jump or run. Yes, it is easy-peasy to keep a terrier/Pomeranian mix from zipping around the house like a firecracker. Yes, that will certainly happen. I simply cannot wait until her loopy-drugs wear off so she can sit quietly without them.


Poor little Foxy.

One thought on “Wee Foxy Has a Boo-Boo

  1. Poor Foxy! What a traumatic experience! Hope all is well for the big birthday weekend. 🙁

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