If stress were people, I’d be Bangladesh.

As many of you know, my husband and I and our three daughters are moving to Wales, specifically the small coastal hamlet of Sully. Sweet Babou requested a transfer to the UK and his company, Salesforce, made it so. (This kind of employee care is why he intends to stay at Salesforce until retirement.)

Wales forever

The visas were ready to go and we were to be on the plane headed over the pond on 22 June. All our ducks were in a row and we were set. I had gotten everything done, including securing a home in Sully.

Squirrels run the world

Then, Sweet Babou got a promotion and raise. The team in charge of such things were so happy with my hubby’s good work that they even backdated the promotion to the first of May to show their appreciation.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Backdating the promotion has messed up the visa, and the red tape of fixing the visa means it won’t start until the beginning of August. That means we cannot legally move to the UK for another four or more weeks.


Oh, but the plot thickens. The woman who bought our house still wants our butts outta there by 23 June per the original agreement. She would not let us rent our house from her for a few weeks. She would not budge so much as a day. Finding somewhere to live for a few weeks with my three kids and three dogs is MY problem. Yesterday I quickly discovered that every extended stay that accepts pets within 50 miles is booked. 


Today I have called every single apartment complex in Bloomington Indiana that will allow dogs to see if they have a furnished two bedroom apartment that they will lease for a short term. After many, many, MANY phone calls I finally found one, and will be going over to tour it and (provided there are no bullet holes in the walls) sign a lease until July 22 … which is long as they can let us have it. If we haven’t gotten to move to Wales by then, I am back to seeking an extended stay hotel that will take my three wee doggies too. This whole thing has stressed me the hell out.


That’s why I haven’t been blogging as usual. Between packing and finding a short term place and rescheduling for all the things that need to be rescheduled, from plane tickets to doggie movers, I have had zero time to blog. I am pretty much running on caffeine and adrenaline at this point.


Oh, and have I mentioned we have to start paying rent on the house in Sully come 20 June whether we are in it or not? Double rent! Such fun!

facepalm squirrel

Meanwhile, I still have to be a mom and do mom stuff because it’s not like the grunt work of parenting stops just because you are busy. The kids need clean clothes, and laundry has no mercy. My husband does most of the cooking, but I get the thrill of doing the grocery shopping and it is a freaking miracle if I can go a day without something unexpectedly running out which needs to be bought right now or woe betide us all.

I just wanna go ahead and move to Sully. I am so ready to be done with this fun phase of international moving.

fenced squirrel

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