Brace Yourself Wales!

Pity poor Wales, with it’s gorgeous scenery and lovely people, for the Kramers are descending upon it – a ravening horde of Americans intent on seeing every tourist attraction and site of interest contained therein.

The house is not yet fully sold (although people are looking and making interested noises) but Sweet Babou’s visa is time-sensitive so we must take a leap of faith and move across the pond with our fingers crossed. Provided the next buyer isn’t the asswaffle the last attempted buyer was, we’ll be fine.

We shall arrive in Cardiff on the morning of the 27th, and if the kids aren’t too agonizingly jetlagged then we’ll take them to see the sights. If they are drooping like wee flowers in the rain because of the time change, then we’ll let them nap at the hotel first THEN take them to see the sights.

We want them to see the dragons everywhere – including cool medieval/techno dragons on the sides of the buses.


We want to take them to the tea shop at the entrance of Bute Park, which is a bijou castle guarding the gate, and let them have scones with clotted cream and jam.


Then we want to show them the park itself, and take them to the real castle in the heart of the city, which is both touristy and awesome at the same time.

Bute Park


We want them to see the stately and ornate buildings left over from the Victorian era, even if they were but a blink ago in the city’s history.


We want to take them to lunch in a pub, where my Sweet Babou will drink Brains Beer. I think he will be very patriotic that way, if our honeymoon there was anything to go by.


We want to show them the views from Cardiff Bay.


We want to revel in the Doctor Who Experience like the big ol’ geeks we are


And most importantly, we want to take them to the village just outside Cardiff were we will be living – Penarth. It has a charming town center and beautiful sea views and a magnificently redone Victorian Pier.


Penarth view

penarth_pier at sunset

Our newly rented home is awaiting us there, and we cannot wait to settle in!


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