Home Again, Naturally

On 28 July we bid farewell to our nice bed and breakfast, The Manor House, and headed down the road to our new home.

Here we are at our front door – yes that is a palm tree with the roses — gawking at seagulls:

seeing the house

These seagulls, to be exact:


It’s really lovely here and we REALLY like the house. We are enchanted with almost everything, including the commonplaces like the little stained glass rose in the front door:

door rose

We are also enchanted with the BIG things; to wit – the view from the master bedroom :

Bedroom view

Yep. That’s what I see when I open my eyes in the morning. Feel free to wallow in envy. Moreover, do you see the rise of land across the Bristol Channel? That’s Cornwall. I can see England from my bedroom.


There are also sail boats and big ocean-going ships that go by on the water. It is gorgeous. Not just when it is sunny either. Yesterday a storm rolled in across the sea and we watched the fat gray clouds coming toward us like Zeus was on his way to pay a visit to some lovely Welsh maiden who caught his fancy. God, it was so beautiful to watch.

All that, and we’re a short walk to the beach.

20160727_152929-ANIMATION girls dancing on beach

We’re very happy. Rydym yn caru Cymru.


3 thoughts on “Home Again, Naturally

  1. Welcome home! Like the other commenters, you’re making me homesick, too. I haven’t been to Wales in years – I’m clearly overdue for a visit!

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