Sunburnt? HOW?!?!

I may have unlocked a new level in melanin deprivation. I managed to get sunburned in WALES. I’m outside in a place that is 10 degrees NORTH of Moscow, Russia (I’m not making that up) and I got sunburned. Just … HOW??

Sure, we’re out on the beach and walking around every day, but the sunshine is so mild and the breeze so cool that you never become overheated. It doesn’t FEEL like you can get a sunburn. Normal people aren’t getting sunburn. Sweet Babou and the girls are fine; nary a red patch upon them. But me? My face, neck, and upper bosom are now the color of uncooked ground beef.

Oh well, at least I got scorched looking at wonderful things. For example, my daughters frolicking at the beach and looking in the tidal pools:

Looking in Tidal Pools

They also like to wade in the surf, and would go deeper into the cold water if they were in bathing suits and/or I would let them. Silly daughters; beaches in this part of Wales are for gazing at the picturesque, NOT swimming. Sure, people swim here – but those people are insane and cannot feel cold.

wading in the surf

I spend my time examining the beach and looking for shells, and having my husband stealthily take a photo of my rump as I squat over an interesting tidal pool.

Finding sea shells

Other people, people sensibly wearing wetsuits, enjoy further water adventures – such as windsurfing – in the sea.

Windsurfur near Sully Island

I’ll bet the windsurfer didn’t get sunburned.


One thought on “Sunburnt? HOW?!?!

  1. That would be me. I burn when it’s cold and cloudy! And I’m not even a ginger…

    Loving the views of Wales.

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