Whut is werds?

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. You would think that I could at least blog about history is I had no facinating Welsh anecdotes to pass along; history happens every day right? And this IS a history blog, right?

Well, technically it’s a history blog … but let’s be honest. I’m going to talk about my life whenever my kids do anything remotely cute or I do anything even remotely interesting. One does not blog if one does not already have the propensity for navel-gazing.

navel gazing

Which brings up back around – why haven’t I been blogging?

I could blame it on the insane amount of running  around, calling, letter-righting, application-filling, and begging I’ve been doing to try to get my daughters into school. I could blame it on the fact I had to review the proofs of my next Nutshell book and do a presentation for the Tudor Society’s Expert Talks. But it isn’t just those things. Even with all that AND taking care of my daughters and household maintenance and groceries and my half of the cooking – I still have an odd hour or two of “free time” in which I could blog.

It’s simply that I am all out of brain power by the time the day is winding down. I mean it. I am kaput. The inside of my head is made out of cold, day-old oatmeal and when I sit down to write a blog post I look a the screen and think, “Whut is werds?” I search my soul and get “Derp?”

exhausted squirrel

The whirl of live and mental efforts drain me. According to science, the business of life drains people with Asperger’s faster than it does to normal people, but that just may be me comforting myself for my inability to “soldier on”. Rather than “pushing through” or any of that jazz, I climb into bed and start reading escapist fiction.

Ahhhh …. I can actually FEEL my brain stop sizzling as the blissful flow of narrative pours through my eyes. 


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