Ah, Honey

On the last post, a commenter asked how non-artificial sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit sugars affect the body. After a little research I found that stevia seems to be just fine, because unlike artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, it has no effects on blood sugar levels. Monk fruit, the actual fruit appears to be… Read more Ah, Honey


Tomorrow, is the 6th of January, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, the Feast of the Epiphany, and the date celebrated as the day the Magi brought gifts to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem That means tonight is Twelfth Night. Why tonight and not tomorrow night? Days used to start at sunset so when the sun… Read more Wassail!

Tudor Medicine and Gingerbread Houses

T’is the Season for yummy yuletide foods! There are tables groaning under the weight of roast turkey or ham, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, stuffing and assorted vegetables. Mugs of hot buttered rum or apple cider are clutched and glasses of cold eggnog are passed around. Not to mention the multitudes of desserts. Mince… Read more Tudor Medicine and Gingerbread Houses

Please leave Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb’s hair out of it

The Daily Mail has run an article interviewing Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb and I am torn equally between happiness and tears about it. Dr. Lipscomb is a renown historian and the author of several books, including one I found to be extremely valuable during my research, 1536: The Year That Changed Henry VIII. It is an… Read more Please leave Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb’s hair out of it

Mind Not Blown

The one thing that almost all anthropologists are united in is the whole-sale despising of cultural imperialism. Even if you are unfamiliar with the definition I’m sure you’ve run into it. Sometimes it is the blatant mockery of different cultures, but most of the time it is the unspoken subtext in Western opinions about Others.… Read more Mind Not Blown