Hagia Sophia

I have a guest post up over on Saints, Sisters, and Sluts regarding the ancient Israelite queen Jezebel and the feminine personification (or hypostasis) of God. This is not a topic that brings joy to my friends and relatives who have a more orthodox view on theology. In sharp contrast, I am fascinated by it… Read more Hagia Sophia

What About the Strong Queens Who Were NOT Slut Shamed?

Obviously, not all powerful and dynamic queens are slut shamed. Even when they develop reputations for other wretched things, it does not QED lead to rumors of sexual deviance. Mary I of England got the moniker Bloody Mary for her strong-arm attempts to re-establish Catholicism in England, but she was never called ‘Slutty Mary’. No… Read more What About the Strong Queens Who Were NOT Slut Shamed?

From Jezebel to Jessa

Jessa Duggar Seewald, reality TV ‘star’ and fundamentalist evangelical Christian, recently posted a screed on Facebook explaining why she was ‘saved’ from Hell but liberal (i.e. tolerant) Christians like me were headed straight into perditions flames. According to her, that fact that not-real-Christians like me “believe in a loving God, not one who would send… Read more From Jezebel to Jessa