Yay Lora!

As many of you have already read on my webpage, I take something called Plexus for my fibromyalgia pain. I talked my friend Laura, who has been plagued by some health issues, into trying it too. Not only has she had the health issues clear up, she is very happy about the “melting” effect Plexus had on her waistline. 

Here is Lora before:

Lora Before

Here is Lora after a couple of months:

Lora After

In Lora’s own words, “I can’t say enough about how much the ProBio 5 probiotic vitamins have improved how I feel. Seriously, I’ve seen a reduction in sinus trouble, migraines and even sugar cravings. The pink drink that built this brand is made for weight loss but it also reduces inflammation, levels out your blood sugar and increases metabolism naturally (green coffee bean extract, not caffeine and chemicals).”

She’s lost 6 pounds, but it’s obvious that the change of her body is greater than the change on her scale.

She’s now an ambassador, and if anyone is interested in trying this miracle stuff they can go to her page and order it; just click this link — http://lmathews.myplexusproducts.com/

Congratulations Lora, on your improved health!

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