Fanny Price vs. Mary Crawford – The Debate Rages On!


Thanks to everyone who participated in the comments! It’s never too late to put in your 2 cents worth … feel free to comment if you must have your share of the conversation!

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2 thoughts on “Fanny Price vs. Mary Crawford – The Debate Rages On!

  1. This was a really fun debate! I am already a huge fan of A Contrary Wind, and I have been inspired to purchase Mansfield Parsonage as well! If you are keeping score between Fanny-fans (ha!) and Mary-fans, you may count me on Fanny’s team, although as I said in an earlier post, I do admire Mary for being one of Austen’s most wonderfully complex characters. I guess I relate to Fanny because when I was her age, I had a hard time standing up for myself too. And I didn’t even have a Mrs. Norris in my life!

    1. I loved the debate too … but it’s usually because I look for chances to defend Mary at all times!

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