What They Don’t Know May Hurt You

A recent study found that 1/3 of college aged men admitted they would commit rape …. provided the questionnaire didn’t CALL it rape. Almost 33% of the men questioned said that “they would be willing to “use force to obtain intercourse” as long as nobody would find out and there would be no consequences. But very few were willing to say they would commit rape, suggesting that they don’t quite see that forced sex and rape are the same thing.”

For women, this is a no brainer. If we have not consented to have sex or are being forced to have sexual relations then that is QED rape. Apparently, quite a few men think that if they do not beat you black and blue, if they didn’t jump out of the bushes with a ski mask on to force you at gunpoint, then it isn’t “rape” to force sex. Men who admitted they would like to rape openly hate women, expressing “resentment, bitterness, rejection sensitivity, and paranoia about women’s motives.”  In contrast, the men who don’t want to call it rape had “callous sexual attitudes” but they didn’t hate women. I am not sure, however, that they understood that women are as human as men are or have as much right to bodily autonomy.

For these kinds of rapists, the rape is committed for “sexual gratification, accomplishment, and/or perceived compliance with stereotypical masculine gender norms. The use of force in these cases might be seen as an acceptable mean to reach one’s goal, or the woman’s “no” is perceived as a token resistance consistent with stereotypical gender norms.” They are told via cultural implications that manly men get sex as a tribute to their manhood, and that gals only say ‘no’ to prove they’re not slutty. Sex is something women are unfairly withholding from men and it is up to men to ‘get’ some of that sex.

This may explain why so many rapists seem indignant while they maintain their innocence. They didn’t “rape”; they just pushed the issue a little or helped themselves to some sex that a passed out chick wasn’t guarding properly. If she wasn’t consenting to sex, why did she ‘put herself into a position’ where someone could take it? It’s not like he hurt her or anything. Sheesh. Broads are so sensitive. She must just be mad because he didn’t call her.

It also explains the entire Vanderbilt rape case. In this instance, the woman thought she would be safe if she got drunk with her boyfriend, Brandon Vandenburg, a Vanderbilt football player. Instead, when she passed out Vandenburg distributed condoms to his friends and encouraged them to rape her. The young men who took him up on the offer were Brandon Banks, Jaborian “Tip” McKenzi, and Cory Batey. Vandenburg also allowed Batey to urinate on the victim after they raped her. The woman was unaware she had been assaulted, and defended her boyfriend. She wouldn’t believe the police until they showed her the video and pictures Vandenburg took of the assaults.

What’s just as horrific is the actions of the several men who saw the attack. Although they didn’t like it and refused to actively participate in it, they did nothing to stop it. The Tennessean reports that Mack Prioleau was actually in the same room during the rape but he just rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. He faces no charges in the case. Some of the other men who did nothing about the rape – in some instances even while it was occurring – are:

“•Joseph D. Quinzio, a high school friend of Vandenburg’s living in California who received texted videos and pictures while the alleged sexual assault was underway, was charged with tampering with evidence. After testifying in court last week, Quinzio pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of attempted accessory after the fact. The plea allows him to be on unsupervised probation for 11 months and 29 days. He will be allowed to get the conviction wiped off his record if he successfully completes probation.

Miles J. Finley, another high school friend of Vandenburg’s living in California, received video and pictures of the alleged assault the night it occurred. Finley faces charges of tampering with evidence.

Chris Boyd, a former Vanderbilt wide receiver, who was called to the dorm after the alleged assault by Vandenburg and helped move the victim to Vandenburg’s bed, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of being an accessory after the fact.

Michael Retta, a Vanderbilt tennis player, testified he saw the woman lying on the floor outside Vandenburg’s room after the alleged assault. Retta faces no charges.

Dillon Van Der Wal, a Vanderbilt football player, also testified he saw the woman lying on the floor outside Vandenburg’s room after the alleged assault. Van Der Wal faces no charges.

DeAndre Woods, a Vanderbilt football player, testified that he was returning to the dorm when he saw the alleged victim lying naked in the dorm hallway after the alleged assault. He admitted during testimony last week to helping carry the woman to Vandenburg’s bed. Woods faces no charge.”

According to an expert’s quote in the same newspaper article, guys “are less likely to intervene if they see their friends doing something inappropriate because they don’t want to interfere with another guy’s “hook up,”… “Oftentimes men don’t intervene because most traditional college-age men live in this hyper-masculine culture,” she said. “To be a man means you don’t interrupt another man’s sexual conduct.”

The rapists have all plead “not guilty”. In order to explain what ‘really’ happened, lawyers for Cory Batey told Reuters that it was just a manifestation of “a campus culture of sexual freedom, promiscuity and excessive alcohol consumption.” Also, Batey was drunk and it was peer pressure:

Batey’s defense attorneys called neuropsychologist James Walker to the stand, who said that the “14 to 22″ alcoholic drinks that Batey is estimated to have consumed clouded the player’s judgment. “Because he was this intoxicated, he was not his normal self,” Walker told the court. “He was doing things that he would not have done normally.” Defense attorney Worrick Robinson asked Walker if the university’s environment was to blame, saying, “Is there anything in their culture that might influence the way they act or the way they think or the way they make decisions?” “Yes, at that age peer pressure is critical,” Walker replied, “because you’re just going out on your own, you’re not fully an adult, you’re not fully a child…You tend to take on the behavior of people around you.”

The rapists in the Vanderbilt case don’t appear to “see” themselves as rapists. This is why feminists are always harping on about the concept of consent and teaching rapists NOT to rape rather than teaching women how to be ‘safe’. There are actually men out there walking around – maybe as much as 1/3 of them – who see gang rape as just a little high spirits among friends.

4 thoughts on “What They Don’t Know May Hurt You

  1. Why is the tennis player involved. Seems like he didn’t do much, and did not know that a rape was occurring. Not fair.

    1. He faced no charges, but neither did he step up and see if the unconscious victim was in any danger.

  2. Mack Pioleau decided to leave Vanderbilt. I wonder why? This rich kid with no conscience or soul or heart for another human being has now been travelling the world, posting advice on the Internet re: tourism. This man is S-I-C-K-E-N-I-NG!!! May he be publically exposed and tormented everywhere he goes. May his family be exposed. HE- more than anyone – could have stopped this assault. He could have gone into the bathroom with his cell phone and called police. H E D I D N O T H I N G!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL AND CHARGED AS BEING AN ACCESSORY TO THE CRIME! WORTHLESS , PRIVILEGED RICH KID! REMINDS ME OF THE KENNEDYS!

  3. Mack Prioleau saw what was happening and DID NOTHING. Should STILL b charged. Privileged rich kid LEFT Vandy . I wonder why?????? Now travels the world and posts advice on tourism online. MAY ALL WHO SEE HIM OR KNOW WHERE HE LIVES EXPOSE HIM. I SPIT ON MACK PRIOLEAU.

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