Good News / Bad News

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …

Happily, I am able to share that The Jezebel Effect went to #1 in the category of Women in Politics on Amazon:

Jezebel Effect No 1

That’s great, right? Yes! But then I saw my first review and sadness came for me. Someone has given me the review equivalent of a black eye; a big, fat one star smack down. The person reviewing it is extremely vexed I failed to give Isabella of Spain – who was the subject of two paragraphs out of more than 300 pages in the book – enough credit for women’s education in Spain.

That single star sits on the top of my book like a sullen toad, frightening away potential readers with its malevolent sneers. As long as that lone star state continues I am doomed. Please, if you like the book, review it and save it from the solo star gutter in which it is currently lying face down.

*lip trembles*

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