Trump SHOULD Know About Immigrants

Donald Trump is a liar and a hypocrite. He rants about American jobs being outsourced, yet his products are manufactured in China. He calls himself a self-made man, but he inherited more than $200 million. Worst of all, he spouts baloney about immigration when he is the grandson and son of immigrants and has married two immigrants and employs the undocumented immigrants he denigrates every chance he gets.

His family’s wealth comes from a skanky German immigrant named Friedrich Trump. “Friedrich changed his name to the American sounding Frederick, became a naturalized citizen and set off for Seattle to make himself a fortune … Upon landing in Seattle, Frederick leased a small restaurant called “the Poodle Dog” that advertised “private rooms for ladies,” which was code for “prostitutes for hire.” He learned quickly how to turn sex and booze into a profitable venture. Soon after, young Trump … left Seattle behind, filed a fraudulent mineral claim and built a new hotel and brothel on land he didn’t own to serve the mining community …  Frederick settled again on the trails between the Puget Sound and the Yukon, setting up trail-side brothels to continue his legacy of cashing in on the dreams and hard work of others. Only now he attracted the attention of the Canadian Mounted Police and was forced to flee back to Germany. In a little bit less than 2 decades, Friedrich “Frederick” Trump had made $600,000. Back in Germany, he married a girl ten years younger than him and before long they were expecting a child. Trump’s legal troubles were just beginning, however. In Germany at the turn of the century, all men were required to serve in the military. Since Trump left before he was old enough and returned too old to serve, his citizenship was stripped and he was sent packing. Back to America went Donald Trump’s grandfather. His father would be born on American soil to a man who was the worst Germany had to offer and his young wife, a citizen by birth. Friederich Trump was an immigrant and a criminal who abused the system …”

The baby Frederick’s wife was carrying would go on to get himself arrested during a brawl between the police and the Ku Klux Klan. Fred Trump Jr. also married an immigrant from Scotland by the name of Mary Anne MacLeod.

Yeah, this guy is definitely the one to tell Americans about how bad it is to welcome immigrants.

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