Wishing I Could Make it All Better for Buttercup

Today I was planning on posting about why I am convinced Woody Allen is the child rapist his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow says he is. However, worries about my middle daughter, Buttercup, are consuming all my thoughts so you’ll just have to go a list of 10 facts about the case that Woody Allen’s defenders have to ignore to see all the main points I would have hit.

I need to write about Buttercup.

My beautiful little Buttercup was diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) when she was about five and a half. She been in therapy since then and it has helped tremendously but she is still a kid with a lot of worries. Today she had her first full blown panic/anxiety attack, which made her feel like “something was coming to get her” and also made her cry and gave her a tummy-ache.

Poor wee Buttercup Sad smile

I let her stay home from school and have been giving her cuddles and helping do her “mindfulness” therapy (used most often for depression but is also great for anxiety disorders) and took her for a nice walk in the sunshine. She is feeling much better now, she tells me. She says she feels “silly” for being so worried about nothing, and is that normal?

Yes. Yes that is very normal in the aftermath of a panic/anxiety attack sweetling.

I can honestly say that I would, without hyperbole, give my left arm to make her anxiety poof go-away. It breaks my heart that I cannot fix it for her.

Parenthood is hard.

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