Blood Will Tell

5 thoughts on “Blood Will Tell

    1. 1.Amazing
      2.A work of Shakespearean poetry
      3. Truly wonderful 😉

  1. I have the anti-Kell factor That was the terminology given to me many yeas ago. I was supposed to carry a card with me, but it is long lost. I am adopted and have no children. I had scoliosis surgery at 14 and now it is called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. Pain is my constant companion since I was 22; now I am 57. I have been trying to understand this K antigen for doctors have acted as if the never heard of it. I feel like humpty-dumpty. I have cardiomyopathy and a muscular skeletal system that is miserable. Do you think this Kell thing has anything to do with these issues? I read another web site on blood types and both conditions I mentioned were briefly listed. I am never physically happy. I am tired mentally due to this. Is there anything I need to know to have some physical peace?
    Thank you.
    teary Melinda.

    1. If you were male, I would suspect McLeod’s syndrome … but that has never been diagnosed in a woman. Then again, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. Where are you, geographically? You could seek help (I know there are specialists in NY) or at least information:

  2. I like how you wright books on mid eval rulers and their diseases that make them go crackpot 😛

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